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March 15, 2018

Building and Maintaining Customer Loyalty Through Social Media

As an owner of a successful company, you know more than anything else how important loyalty is, especially building customer loyalty through social media. Keeping your customers happy is one crucial ingredient to making sure that they don’t stop patronizing your products and services. As much as looking for new customers is important, retaining the loyalty of your current customers is equally important. There is a balance that must be maintained to keep your company on its feet. You don’t just need to look for new customers; you also need to make sure that your current customers won’t leave your side.

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March 6, 2018

Connecting With Your Customers Through Social Media – My People Know | Social Media Agency in Toronto

Social Media Agency in Toronto — Social media users have reached an enormous number of roughly 2.5 billion worldwide and are continuing to rise every day! With this in mind, all major companies are using the potential of social media to boost their brand awareness, engagement and most importantly, sales.

It’s essential to know how to use all the features of social media to leverage the current performance of your business. With the correct knowledge and strategies, you can raise brand awareness to thousands of people who have the potential of availing your products and/or services. Read More

February 22, 2018

Social Media Promotion – Promoting Your Event

Every company knows they must eventually hold events for their business and as to each event planning, it is crucial to conduct marketing carefully to reach the maximum audience with the limited given budget. Mail invites, flyers, word-of-mouth — these are just some of the traditional forms of marketing that we know. However, it’s 2018 people! We are living in a digital era, which means that almost everything can be done with the use of the oh so famous “internet.” Social Media, in particular, is a bunch of platforms that we all have access to and is a very powerful tool in reaching thousands and thousands of people who would potentially be interested in your business event by means of Social Media Promotion. Read More